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Get to Know Us

Our mission is to help you look your best on any stage and at every age. Our clients have exclusive access to a unique combination of skilled beauty providers that serve with integrity to ensure your beauty enhancement needs are met all in one convenient location!

Our Values


We understand there is a strong correlation between looking good and feeling good, but we know self-care isn’t the same for everyone. We encourage our clients to practice self-love by creating self-care routines at every stage of life, while also keeping in mind that these routines will continuously change with age. The Beauty Box allows you to fulfill all your beauty service needs in one place and spend hours being pampered and rejuvenated!


Mentorship and Networking are two ways that we like to say "help the world get bigger”. They allow you to broaden the scope of people you know in different places of the world, which is useful for learning special techniques and skills. Through experiences and interactions with others who share your same passion, you become more self-aware and may even receive advice on which steps to take in order to achieve your goals. Mentorship can also be useful for helping you recognize and appreciate how much you’ve accomplished thus far, and give you the motivation you need to keep going.


Our motto is "Breaking Beauty Standards by Thinking Outside the Box”. This means finding creative ways to engage in self-expression using self-care routines. As a client, it can mean getting extraordinary additions to your service (such as colored eyelashes, long or irregularly shaped nails, ankle-length hair extensions, or decorative tooth gems) to set you apart from the crowd! As a service provider, it can mean growing in your craft by learning new techniques to keep up with the latest trends and broadening your clientele to reflect different demographics of people. Creative expressions can come with a lot of judgment and backlash, so it is important to have both self-confidence and a supportive team of people to cheer you on.


Our suites are designed to give beauticians the freedom to be independent. They create their own schedules, prices, policies, and manage every other aspect of their business. We simply provide a safe space for them to do it in!

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